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We have supplied numerous arena surfaces to customers in Scotland.

Every single customer with the exception of Strathclyde Police Mounted Branch have purchased FLAT STRIP RUBBER due to it's properties protecting the sand from freezing down to minus 13 degrees. Customers within the Scottish areas have always made enquiries primarily for a surface that will offer maximum protection possible against freezing.

Strathclyde police however have an indoor arena therefore the protection against freezing is not an issue.

We have very competitive rates of transport to all areas of Scotland whether delivering in bulk bags or in bulk.

Please see our testimonials regarding the FLAT STRIP RUBBER.


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Equestrian Surface Maintenance & Aftercare


The maintenance and aftercare of any arena is very important. There are a wide range of Graders available for products that mix in with the sand such as Tyre Rubber. There are not however many Graders available for the maintenance of arenas using Strip Rubber.

Due to the Strip Rubber sitting on top of the sand rather than mixing in you need to use a different type of Grader.

We recommend a very simple solution to grade your Strip Rubber arena.

Please see our Arena Grader in the following Gallery Pictures. It works on the simple principle of bouncing over the flat strip as you tow it around therefore flattening and spreading areas of tracking back flat and even.

Source a local company to simply manufacture a tubular section gate type grader.

Strip Rubber Grader

We also recommend a company whom manufacture a strip rubber grader called Arena Mate. Please click here to visit their website.

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Rolling Your Arena

All arenas should be rolled when the sand as been laid. Compacting the sand down all over to get it as firm as possible is critical before adding your top surface.

An excellent benefit of using the Strip Rubber is that unlike other surfaces you can roll your arena even after your rubber surface is added. This is due to the rubber interlocking and sitting on top of the sand, the roller will compress the sand down under the actual rubber and the roller will not push the rubber into the sand. It is important to roll your Arena after it as been watered as this helps to compact the sand down.


Watering your rrena is important after dry periods to stop it becoming too dusty. Watering in the case of Strip Rubber is required less frequently during dry periods because the Strip Rubber helps to retain the moisture in the sand due to the coverage of the sand by a blanket of interlocked rubber.

We have a customer who used the Strip Rubber on an outdoor and indoor arena, they have written a testimonial confirming the above. In fact they state that the need for watering on the Indoor Arena is reduced by up to 90 % !

Arena Use (Recommendations)

  • Level Areas of Tracking (Grader).
  • Pick up droppings to avoid blocked drains.
  • Do not lunge in any one area for a prolonged period of time.
  • Roll your arena (suggested interval twice yearly if medium to heavy usage.
  • Hand rake very outside edge around the kick boards that may eventually have a build up of rubber that has been kicked to the sides.

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