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We have supplied numerous arena surfaces to customers in Scotland.

Every single customer with the exception of Strathclyde Police Mounted Branch have purchased FLAT STRIP RUBBER due to it's properties protecting the sand from freezing down to minus 13 degrees. Customers within the Scottish areas have always made enquiries primarily for a surface that will offer maximum protection possible against freezing.

Strathclyde police however have an indoor arena therefore the protection against freezing is not an issue.

We have very competitive rates of transport to all areas of Scotland whether delivering in bulk bags or in bulk.

Please see our testimonials regarding the FLAT STRIP RUBBER.


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Testimonials 2016


October 18th 2016

I had my outdoor arena built in 2004, surfaced with Belvoir Strip Rubber.

I have been highly satisfied with the surface. The Rubber has kept it frost free in the winter and held the moisture together in the summer. One of its biggest assets is that it is very low maintenance, which suits me, as I would rather spend my time riding horses than driving a tractor!

I have just had my first top up, not bad after 12 years!!!

We are now looking at surfacing the indoor arena.

The service from Belvoir has been excellent.

I would highly recommend them.

Geoff Billington


January 15th 2016 (Flat Strip Rubber)

I purchased my Strip Rubber in Aug 2015 from Belvoir as my surface for my 20 x 40 outdoor (very Exposed) arena. It is approx 2” thick all over on top of 3” silica sand.

I have waited till now to review it as i have been waiting for the rain and freezing weather, as before my school as been virtually un-useable from Oct – April.

NOW it is absolutely BRILLIANT.

Just this morning with everything frozen solid EXCEPT my arena, I was lunging and riding at 7.30 am.

The horses seem very happy and DO NOT slip even when they take off and have a ‘ hodey ‘ on the lunge.

Also note, I have not yet had to level it and it does not track. All i can say is BRILLIANT and WELL WORTH THE MONEY

Thank you Neil

Tina Billingsley - Villiers Farm

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